Wicker baskets to decorate and organize your home

The wicker baskets are a great alternative to decorate and maintain order at home. Like the fruit boxes or plastic boxes, of which we have spoken, wicker baskets are an interesting storage option, because as well as a practical function serve an aesthetic.

Wicker baskets and other plant fibers such as raffia, hemp or jute are elements Trend today. Many people seek the natural and handmade touch they bring to our homes. We cannot forget besides the many possibilities that offer us. They can be used as storage if, but also as a pot, lamp or to decorate walls.

There are many reasons why no wonder that wicker baskets are decorative trend. In addition to serving a practical function, they are decorative and bring to our home warmness that only found in natural materials such as wicker, raffia, jute or wood. Do you want to know how to get the most out of them?

Wicker baskets as storage solution

Boxes are a great tool for storage, but so are wicker baskets. They are a great option to keep blankets and plaids in the bedroom or in the living room, placed at the foot of the bed or next to the sofa. Besides functional, they are aesthetically pretty.

They are also very practical in a reading corner to store books and magazines … as well as next to the fireplace to have the wood on hand. The ideal in both cases is that they have a robust design that does not yield to the weight of the items they contain, so that we can organize these comfortably.

Wicker baskets for storing firewood

The bathroom and laundry are other spaces where wicker baskets can be very useful. Dirty laundry is something we are used to depositing in a basket; but also these baskets are ideal to organize towels and different cleaning products or hygiene, as you can see in the images.

Wicker baskets for storage

And what other stay of the house can benefit from its functionality and aesthetics? The lobby, no doubt. The lobby is the first thing our guests see; the space with which they can quickly identify our style and way of living. If we look for a neutral and natural tone to decorate this space, a console or a bench and wicker baskets may be all that we need. We can organize in the wicker baskets the accessories and accessories that we normally use. But also use them to put fresh flowers that give color and freshness to the room.

Wicker baskets in the children’s bedroom

And if they are for adults, why would not they be a good storage system for children? In neutral colors or with brushstrokes in bright colors sherbet or neon, the baskets are very useful for them to learn to collect their toys and dolls. We can put them under the bed, on a shelf…

Wicker baskets in the children’s bedroom

Wicker baskets provide us with numerous possibilities and not just as storage. In the last decade they have become a trend element that is also used as potting covers. Being made of natural materials that can be damaged by moisture, are not used directly to contain the plant but if as an external element.

Wicker as a flowerpot

If already in the plants contribute a natural touch to our home, this way we reinforce this effect. We can use large baskets to decorate the large plants of the hall, the hall or the bedroom, but also with small cacti and succulents on shelves and chests of drawers.

They are also a great alternative to have our herbs handy in the kitchen. It is very easy to line the smaller baskets, being able to plant directly on these thyme, rosemary, basil or parsley.

As a decorative element on the wall

The flat wicker baskets, besides a practical function, can become an original proposal to decorate the walls. A set of baskets can add a lot of character to the fireplace, to the entrance wall or to a green corner like the images. Combining baskets of different sizes is always a good choice.

Baskets of wicker like lamps

Our latest proposal is a trend. Using wicker baskets as lamps is an alternative with great demand and a great presence in the publishing houses of decoration. The ones we present today are designed as lamps, but we can create similar effects by buying wicker baskets and adapting them in a simple way.

Baskets of wicker like lamps

The lamps made with wicker baskets are fantastic in traditional or rustic style kitchens. Also in salons and outdoor spaces with a simple and neutral environment. The trend invites us to bet also on designs of great size, that do not go unnoticed and that allow us to direct the light.

Did you know all the possibilities of wicker baskets? As you will have noticed, there are many possibilities both practical and aesthetic that provide us. Use them in your home!