List of materials needed for roofing your house

Roofing is not difficult to do well, provided you have the right tools and materials as well as the time to put the foundations properly. The first and most important when making this work is to verify the standards of security you need to take when you go up a ladder or you are in a high ceiling.


Work with another person when you decide roofing your house. This makes the work go faster and increases your level of security and provides a second revision to prevent potential hazards. On a steep roof, you’ll need a harness and a lanyard that locks into the roof top, you can tie around the base of a chimney or a ceiling bracket that you check are fixed. Use nonskid shoes, heavy gloves to prevent possible abrasion on your hands. Wear a hat and sunglasses to prevent overheating and sunburn.

The tools

You can remove the old shingles using a shovel, but it’s faster and easier to do it with tiles remover made for this purpose. This tool looks like a shovel, but in the end has notches up the nail heads and shingles shows more easily than a shovel. You will need a hammer to drive new and a tile cutter. This will also you can do with an exact or a pair of tin snips. A tape measure will be very useful for the proper positioning of the new shingles and in this way, you make sure everything is in place.

The materials

Depending on the condition of the old shingles, you can install new about them. This saves the problem of preventing it and the cost to get rid of them. If you see that the old shingles are worn and rise from the ceiling, you have to remove them. If the tar paper under the old shingles is damaged or worn, you have to replace too. For this work, all you need is a roll of tar paper and shingles some packages. If the headliner has rotted or damaged, you must buy plywood to replace wood.


The surest way to access the edge of a roof is via a scaffold built to the edge of the roof, providing a solid base where you can walk. If you have scaffolding and do not want to rent one, you can do the job using a sturdy ladder, but you must make sure that the ladder is fully seated and firmly put. Once teaches the first three or four feet (91.44 cm or 1.21 m) ceiling, can no longer reach the rest and you have to get on the roof. But if this was too steep to provide secure support, you need to install poles on the roof to get on and stay safe.