Decorating the home with photo frames

If you are aware of the new trends in home decorating, you know that decorating the home with picture frames is something that has always been popular, but today it’s done in a different way.  We are not going to just put a photo frame with an image and mix it with other frames without any sense, today the final collage is what matters.

We will give you a few ideas to decorate with photo frames that can be arranged in a very original way, with or without photos, with decorative details and many varied colors. Creativity is the new trick to decorating differently, avoiding use of photo frames in the traditional way.

Decorate only with photo frames

There is a trend that is very interesting to try to use picture frames as decorative items in themselves, not just to frame a photo. In this case the frame becomes the protagonist and must be given the most importance. When decorating with photo frames we must choose frames that are similar in tone and style, that is, modern frames with simple shapes with varied and elegant outlines. They have to have something in common even if they are not the same size or color to create a homogeneity that is good when decorating.

Photo frame compositions

Right now, there is a trend that we see in many homes, in which different compositions of photo frames are used. In these arrangements you can look for symmetrical shapes, but the most common feature is that the set is asymmetric, so that it is more natural and original. You can try to buy different frames in different sizes and tones but in a similar style and make configurations by rearranging until you find the positions that you like. This is a creative way to decorate the walls.

Original home frames

Among these photo frames we can also find original frames. There are attractive designs full of details, and others with intense color or decorated with feathers, glitter or other crafty items. A photo frame is no longer a way of framing a photo to become a decorative object, so it becomes very important when decorating spaces.

Mark DIY

Many of picture frames can be modified ourselves to create totally new appearances. You can paint them colors that match with the decorations in the space if you do not find the exact tone. You can also add stripes or glitter to give a bright touch. Other frames can be decorated with feathers, buttons or branches. There are a thousand craft ideas to create different photo frames and make them personalized. If you see that the frames you have are boring you, you can look for inspiration on the web. There are craft shops where you can find all kinds of spray paints and accessories to create frames for you.

Vintage photo frames

Vintage photo frames have a lot of charm, so if you find some, do not let them escape. Mixing several vintage frames of different shapes is very nice. If you want to add some color, you can add paint with worn effect so that they continue to have that vintage look. This style is a trend sought today, so it’s time to rummage through the attic to find things like these.

Decoration inside the frames

In general photos are put in frames and give a homogeneous look, that is, if you have all black and white photos for example. But today we do not have to limit ourselves to only photos, but you can decorate the frames with other things, with wallpaper and colored stamping for example. They are different and special ideas that serve to create a new and more original decoration. Inside you can also put nice decorative sheets, which are trend and come in many different designs and colors.

Composition of colors

When decorating with frames on the walls, you must consider the tones that dominate in your decoration, so that the set is beautiful. If there is a color in the room that is more prominent, you can use base tones such as white and gray and add that color in small brush strokes. You never have to fall into the excess when decorating with colors, and that’s why it’s better to add just touches than to overdo it. And you know, if you do not find frames in the right color, you just must buy spray paint to make them the color you want.